Kamco Dental is the authorized importer of OraLabs lip balms for the Canadian Dental market.  Our offerings include;


A 100% natural lip balm available in three fun colors and three fabulous flavours; Pomegranate, Tropical and Lemonade. Unlike any lip balm on the market today, this lip balm is guaranteed to please. Visit powlipbalm.ca for more details.

Lip Rageous

Lip Rageous lip balm is an all-time favourite for the kids in your practice. Each fishbowl contains 4 outrageously bursting fruit flavors; Watermelon, Blueberry, Raspberry and Strawberry.

Chap Ice

Tried and true, Chap Ice is our most popular Lip Balm. Each fishbowl contains three wonderful flavours, Cherry, Kiwi Lime and Citrus Orange.